Sunday, March 3, 2013

Miami Dolphins: Time to put up or shut up

Some call it hope. Some call it optimism. Heck, most even call it crazy. I am a life-long  diehard Miami Dolphins finatic. I mean I'm only 24 so I can't tell you that I witnessed the 72 and 73 dolphins first hand, but I do remember the good ol days when Dan Marino would make the hardest position in football look extremely easy with that wicked fast release.Or when that "undersized" Linebacker Zach Thomas stuffed every rb before the hole even opened. And all it took was one spin,club, or swim move before Jason Taylor put opposing qb's on the ground. I remember the days when Miami wasn't the 27th ranked pass defense and qbs would be petrified to throw against Sam Madison and Pat Surtain. I remember when the only way to bring  Ricky Williams down was by pulling his dreads as he  marched and won the rushing title in 2002 and the minute that Ronnie Brown scored 5 TD's introducing the Wildcat to the NFL.But the thing I remember most is when Miami use to be considered a football town. Now grant it, I love the Heat and everything the organization represents, but I am also a football before anything guy and I would probably give up an arm or leg just to see this team win a SuperBowl (Joking)....well sort of. The minute I saw that Bill Parcells was getting elected to the Hall of Fame.. I admit I was angry. I mean I know he had success in building teams like the Giants, Jets, and Cowboys,but  I was angry because I felt  like he walked out on a job nowhere near completing it. I'm not one of those bitter fans that say "WHY DID YOU DRAFT JAKE LONG OVER MATT RYAN" but I would've liked to see a little bit more consistency. We gave  him the keys to the car and he blew out the engine. He did it by selecting "playmakers"  whom he thought were guys like Pat White and WR like Patrick Turner or selecting guys like Vontae Davis over a game changer like Clay Mathews. He took a guy  in Koa Misi and expected him to be a dynamic pass rusher when he didn't record a lot of sacks in college. Now we can sit here and name the bad decisions that have seem to haunt the Dolphins like trading Wes Welker for a 2nd rounder to the Patriots. Or putting our faith in Dante Culpepper over  (still tough to swallow) Drew Brees, but now its time for me to talk about some of my predictions and some of the things I would love to see happen for the Dolphins to hopefully get back to the promised land.

Question of the day:  How many TD's did Miami receivers score all of last season?

Give up?

Drumroll..........A grand total of 3!!!! -____-  (wish I was joking)

So it's safe to say that if I was a betting man, Miami is 100% looking for a wideout this offseason. :)

Key Free Agent Wideouts:

Wes Welker: Been there, done that. Don't count on Wes ever wearing a Dolphins uniform. His boy toy Tom Brady restructured his deal and Welker should be the first recipient of this unfortunate generous act.

 Mike Wallace: I would absolutely positively LOVE to see Miami go after Mike Wallace. He's young (27). He's had 2 out of 3 1100+ yard seasons in his three year career. He might not be the most polished route runner or have the best hands, but he's got something that you just can't coach and that is Blazing Speed. Now I know what you're thinking...What about Ted Ginn? He was fast and had inconsistent hands. Well, one thing I can tell you is that Mike Wallace is a more polished receiver and he is not scared to run in the middle of the field like Ted Ginn was. Now is there a chance that Big Ben's newly structured deal will give Wallace a new contract? Of course there is, but Mike Wallace will do one thing and that's put the damn butts in the damn seats, while giving Ryan Tannehill a new toy downfield.

                                             Mike Wallace Highlights:

Greg Jennings: Despite his sister  stating that Jennings will take his talents to South Beach, Jennings is creating a very SMALL market for teams to invest anything in him, especially after he openly stated that he is looking for a contract that pays him 14-15 mil a season. The overall price for his services will have to be cut down, but there are reports stating that Joe Philbin isn't even interested, even though he was Jennings OC in Green Bay.

Dwayne Bowe- I just don't see it. Miami wants playmakers and Bowe gets most of his yardage in garbage time which either pisses off, or rewards many fantasy players. Bowe doesn't have game breaking speed by any means and was unfortunately blessed with VERY unreliable hands.

My take on things:

I think this is the year Miami takes some risks, unfortunately it won't be in free agency. Something doesn't seem right to me. Many reports are stating that Mike Wallace is Miami's top target this free agency, but for some reason I'm not buying it. G.M Jeff Ireland came from the Parcells other words it is a game of chess not checkers and speculation can be way off. Miami shocked the world and stocked up in this years draft with an additional 2nd round pick for trading Vontae Davis and an additional 3rd for trading Brandon Marshall last season. We have the 3rd most cap room in the league, but I think the money will be used to resign our own free agents. So my in-house predictions are:

Randy Starks- There's been a lot of Buzz that Ireland will use the tag on Randy, but I think he will resign for 2-3 years. The Dolphins defensive line continues to be the strong point of this team, why try to ruin it? UPDATE: Randy received the franchise tag at 8.45 Million. I still see the Dolphins brass trying to work out a deal to keep him here long term. Randy is a key part of the Dolphins stout defense against the run and also contributed 4 sacks in route to his second career Pro Bowl appearance.

Brian Hartline-gets a 4/5 year deal after putting up career high numbers in yards and receptions. Hopefully he scores more than 1 TD next season.

Jake Long- This kills me, but I think the bell has sounded for big Jake to remain in a Dolphins uniform. 11 million a year is just too much to pay for a guy that has been fighting multiple injuries for the last 3 seasons.  The coaching staff also believes in Jonathan Martin to fill the big man's shoes. Unless big Jake decides to lower his price tag to about 7 or 8 million a season, he will be playing elsewhere.

Sean Smith- No Thanks. I thought that the cornerback duo of Vontae Davis and Sean Smith were the second coming of Surtain and Madison, but unfortunately Smith will soon be suiting up for another team. Sean's smith's franchise tag is 10.5 million dollars and despite having good games against Larry Fitzgerald and AJ green, he has been very inconsistent and has dropped more interceptions than I can count.

Reggie Bush: The ride has been a fun one in his first 2 seasons wearing a Dolphins uniform. I believe RB has resurrected his career and proved that he can be an every down back by averaging over 1300 yards and leading the Phins in Touchdowns last season. However, MIA happened to draft a kid named Lamar Miller from the U and coaches believe he has the same skill set as Bush.

Anthony Fasano- Will most definitely get resigned. May not be the fastest guy in the world, but the coaching staff loves him and he's one of he best blocking tight-ends in the league. It also helps that he has 23 career touchdowns as a Miami Dolphin in his 5 seasons.

Sleeper Signing: Ahmad Bradshaw or Stephen Jackson.

The Dolphins had interest in Bradshaw before he resigned with the Giants and MIA still needs a 3rd down back as well as one that can pass block. Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas have yet to prove they can pass block.  Both Bradshaw and Stephen Jackson fit the mold of what the Dolphins need and it's a possibility one of them could be taking their talents to South Beach.

My final prediction and thank you for baring with me is that Miami will pass up receivers in F.A and Ireland finally grows some balls and trades a second and a third to get back into the mid-late first round to select West Virginia receiver Tavon Austin or my personal favorite Tennessee Wideout: Cordarrelle Patterson.

                                       Cordarrelle Patterson Highlights:

The point is Mr.Ireland, that if you want to remain a GM in this league especially for this team, I suggest you do whatever it takes to find playmakers. You have the cap. You have the picks. Now it's time to install your plan or witness "Fireland" in its full effect. Put up or shut up.

By: Ryan Mackey & Joel Caro


  1. In the pass couple of years the dolphin organization couldn't hold on to top receivers at all, I'm surprise we even gave brian hartline that deal with 12.5 mil gurantee. I think we to get another explosive TE so that way we can matchup with new england.As a giant fan i do beleive we should bring in ahmed bradshaw. His explosive, experience,and young. he shows great leadership on offense side of the ball.

  2. 12.5 mil a year guaranteed is not bad considering that its a 5 year contract. We didn't have much luck in the Brandon Marshall experiment, but I think the resigning of Hartline was all part of Ireland's plan. Hartline was Tannehills number one receiver and there are a lot of other number 2s In the league getting paid way more. You know how deals are in Free Agency but I think we kept the right player in the right place. I agree with you 100% though we do need an explosive tight end. Fasano is serviceable, but we need a seem threat. Martellus Bennett is an option, as is Jermichael Finley of he gets released, but I expect Miami to make a hard push for Wallace once free agency begins.

  3. I'm hoping Miami is interested in Bradshaw. His could help the other young runningbacks on the roster and still be an effective player for us.